Women In Hip-Hop: The Levels of Respect

Sidenote: I was supposed to write this joint like a week ago. It’s crazy how the universe works though, because if I hadn’t procrastinated on being great, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to make reference to a recent interview that adds fuel to the fire in which I’m about to address here.

Being a woman in Hip-Hop myself, I take the time quite often to admire all of the many talented and extraordinary ladies of the game-- those that have notable platforms, and those like me that are getting there. I’m the type of woman that gravitates towards men naturally and thank God for the type of cloth he cut me from because I get my due respect in what I do (being a hip hop journalist/writer) more than anything. But I also consider the fact that my outward appearance, or whatever have you, may influence a lot of opportunities that come my way as I continue growing with this industry shit.

I know this is a natural thing that much I do inevitably understand, but I need to take a moment and let it be known that there’s a level of respect that I need folks to get with, asap. Like your boy officer Ricky, for instance.

I like Rozay. I LOVE Rozay, actually. Simply based on the fact that he’s the illest example of what a boss looks like today, in my opinion. BUT, I’m super offended by his comments that were made in his latest Breakfast Club interview in regards to signing a female artist to MMG, and the way he came at Angela Yee a few times with that sultry look in his eye, and that nut ass predator pic he took with The Breakfast Club crew after the fact. Like what are you doing, son?!

Clown cake move #1. (Peep the 8:35 minute mark.)

“I’m so focused on my business. I gotta be honest with you.. You know, she’s looking good. I’m spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta fuck her a couple times.”

Clown cake move #2.

The biggest boss @richforever is in the building!!! #rickross

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Call it whatever you so choose to, but this is doing way too much. Way. Too. Much..
And I’m offended as if he were coming at me out of pocket like that. At this point, I’ve read enough articles referencing that interview to know that I’m definitely not the only one who was rubbed wrong either.

This is the part where again I say “there are levels to respect”. I say that because Angela Yee is one of those chicks who is very successful, and I commend her for all that she’s achieved, but it seems like she loves that type of attention. I’m not gonna diss her and say I categorize women in the industry like her with the likes of shorties like Yes Julz, who I feel played upon their sex appeal rather than skillset to get to the top, but you can feel where I’m coming from. Why is it okay for Ross to come at Yee like that and she just giggles it off? Nah b.

Getting back to Yes Julz, while we’re on the subject... Can someone REALLY tell me where she came from? It felt like her name just popped up one day, and voila. We rocking with her. She’s popping “for the culture”.

There are women who represent us well and true in this industry, and there are those who succumb to the sexism.

Since I started making my dreams a reality for myself, I’ve had the pleasure to come across beautiful, successful, and most-importantly, respected women in the game. I’ve gotten keys from these said women. The keys that lead to longevity rather than popularity. The keys that demand you switch up your tone when you’re talking to me. Boss shit.

Shoutout to Erin A. Simon, Sav Britt, Ka$h, E’Tiffany Jones, My-My, Miixtape Chiick, Julie, Save, DJ Dirty Di, and all of the other many talented women of the game that have inspired me thus far in my career. These women walk in a room with such a poise that could even intimidate a man. It’s levels.

Handle your business with style and grace, ladies. A man will indeed respect a woman whose respecting herself. I’d like to cap this piece with one of my favorite Queen Latifah joints, just because it relates, in essence.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t kick it with some old school flavor.