Reflections on Power: Never Put Too Much In Friends, Learn How To Use Enemies

We back you bitch!!! Make sure y’all continue to fuck with the team. Steez, EverydayDopeLife, aintbeenhome, that’s what I’m reppin’ anytime you blessed enough to see me. While I was reading the law for this week I realized something: I’m teaching you niggas while I’m learning. It’s up to you to take this game and apply it to yourself. That was a lil’ PSA, but we back.

Sydney J. Harris Quotes

LAW 2:

Be wary of friends- they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies. If you have no enemies, find a way to make them.

First thing first, I DON’T FUCK WITH NIGGAS AND I’M NOT FRIENDS WITH NIGGAS. Real deal. Anybody you've ever seen me with is, one of two: fam, or teammates.

“For they are easily aroused to envy.”

Wish I had read that shit a year ago. I sit back and laugh cause the first time I showed my “friends” a position of power, they turned on me instantly. Lesson learned tho, fuck them niggas and fuck anybody showing you fake love. My nigga Gucci warned me about how niggas move. He peeped it from the outside looking in. That’s why niggas like him, I call my brother. Niggas like Guns or, Papi or, Coco or, or Era, or Deddy, or one of my Newz niggas (they know who), I look at them as family cause niggas held it down when I was fucked up.

Another thing I appreciate about niggas like them is that they aren’t “yes” men. Any person around you like that is bad for you. I see it all the time. You have to be supportive of your people, that's understood. But be realistic with your people too. Your “friends” represent you, those are the people you align yourself with, so how or why would you let them be on any sucka shit? I can’t count how many time me and Gucc have had to pull one another aside to let one another know we were on some bullshit. When I was really buggin’ out, on some hot boy shit, one of the first calls I got was from Coco, mad as fuck telling me I was fucking up. I love bro for that shit. I needed that.  My nigga Deddy don’t give a fuck. Joke the fuck out of you in front of everybody but that shit leave you thinkin’, like 'damn maybe I might be trippin’'. Anybody that I hang around quick to let me know what it is but I see through the words to get the real message.

People have got to stop being so prone to feeling hurt when people give criticism. Somebody that’s willing to call you on the bullshit needs to be the people you rockin’ with the heaviest. Them same niggas are the ones to call out when you doing good too. That’s how you show real love to yo’ family (fuck a friend). Really, take a step back and look at the people around you. It’s easy to separate the real from the fake. The real ones gon’ keep it real, even if it hurts you. It might hurt you on the spot but it’s building you up too. Making you a better you.

But yeah mane, you know what it is, another week, another Law. You know who it is mane, lol.

-Mari, and I still look better than yo’ boyfriend.

SIDENOTE: Shout out all the queens in my life that be holding me down. I truly do love all of y’all. Without y’all I’d go crazy. Really the most prolific when it comes to being a real friend and holding it down. I could go on and on about different women who hold it down harder than some of y’all niggas but...I’m rappin