Do For Self

Whilst striving to obtain your goals and being the greatest that you can be, do for self


Everyone is made differently. No two people are the same. No one can see like you, think like you, breathe like you, etc. You’re the only one that’s responsible for the unique matter that you take up in the universe. And what you do will determine how much influence, or mass, you hold. Not your co-workers, not your friends, not your family, just YOU. So whilst striving to obtain your goals and be the greatest that you can be, do for self.

Know yourself. Understand yourself. Enlighten yourself. Battle yourself. Tire yourself. Heal yourself. Love yourself. Master your self. It’s a process, but in doing so you’re exercising your discipline and respect for your being. The more you practice, the more you can be at peace with who? Your self.

Don’t get caught up in frustration trying to bring others with you along your journey if they don’t have the mind to visualize your destination nor the heart to endure the emotionless trials and tribulations that will occur. Move on from these people or waste your time. Worrying too much about those outside of yourself will create a gradual, expanding discord within yourself. You want to be the living example of your desires and aspirations, not someone that always talks about them but yet still hasn’t obtained them.

When you are at peace with self the chaoses, conflicts, and struggles of life are only a means of growth to the mind. You find a balance between selfish and selfless. But in order to do this, you must put yourself first. So with any and everything that you say and/or do, always do for self. Cause if you don’t, no one will.