At the core of adversity are many imitators, but there's only one original style: yours.
We admire those who takes enough pride in their artistic integrity not to conform to
any trend or force going against it because, we're are those individuals. 

We are a lifestyle label staying true to premium design through clothing & goods.


STEEZ Premium, LLC was founded by Era Hardaway in 2013 when he felt many high end streetwear brands were
charging an expensive price for their garments, but using low grade materials to make them.

"I remember going to Commonwealth and buying my first Ice Cream tee for $80.
I was so hype to finally own one, until I washed it." Era recalls. 
 "In one wash & dry, the logo faded and the tee shrunk way too small. I've had this happen to me multiple times before with other brand's,
but it was this particular moment that made me want to make my own premium quality garments. 

Out of love for graphic design and visual creative expression, he founded STEEZ Premium.
Starting off with the first piece, the Premium Snapback, he sold primarily hand to hand with a little bit of online sales.
Since then, the label has grown into a lifestyle inspired by original thought and design.
Going forward, STEEZ Premium will be a staple in the street/urban culture,
creating greater opportunities for young creative minds.