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#StayTrue - Kat C Fritz (@MsKatFritz)

The most creative and  talented individuals usually aren’t heavily publicized. They don’t live for the for the hype; they live for the art. They don’t praise fame, they praise integrity. They know on their creative journey that there are struggles and have accepted the fact that it takes time to build something that will make an impact. Most of all, they’ve accepted who they are and regardless of how many followers they have or how many likes they average with each picture they post, they are an influencer to their field of art. We chose to question the minds of these influencers and see just how they stick to their morals and stay true to themselves on their walk of life. For our first interview we chose the lovely Kat Fritz, an independent model and all around dope female from Virginia by way of California. Knowing her for a couple of years, we followed her constant progression and witnessed the growth of her career. We got a chance to catch up with her, take a couple flicks of her in some of our STEEZ gear, and inquire her about how she sticks to her grind. 

What do the words “Stay True” mean to you?

Personally, I think staying true to yourself can be so hard. Especially when there’s so many distractions, and the typical craziness of everyday life. When I wake up every morning, I try to have that mind set to do and be better than the day before. 

How do you “Stay True” in your everyday life?

K: I really try not to ever invest my energy into anything negative and that alone makes being staying true to myself that much easier. If ppl can’t accept me, no matter the people I kick it with or any choices I make, then they don’t deserve any part of me or my life at all. 

I know it’s real competitive in the modeling world. How do you manage to keep your artistic integrity and not conform to the trends of society?

I knew what I was getting myself into with this industry. There’s such a high demand for modeling jobs than there are actual gigs and there are countless numbers of shady agencies that use that to their advantage. When it comes to modeling, you’re more of a product than a person and I try to stray away from being “too sexy”, because I don’t want to be known for the looks of just my physique. I want to show that I can be worked with and work whatever it is I need to sell as a fashion print model. Along with the fierce competition of other models, you’re always judged and critiqued. At the end of the day, I try to be very grounded within myself to just allow the comments, good and bad, to pass by and not affect me as long as I know I’m pushing myself to be the best I can personally be and give 110%.

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